The Twin Falls City Council will be taking another look at a proposed renovation of the water fountain in downtown Twin Falls tonight.  The Twin Falls Community Foundation has proposed an overhaul of the area to bring it into the 21 century.  The fountain in downtown was built back in the early 1970’s and the area has served as a meeting place for many functions over the year.  However, time is beginning to catch up with the area and the Twin Falls Community Foundation thought it was time to do something about it.  At the regular meeting beginning this afternoon, City Parks and Rec Director Dennis Bowyer will update  the Council on the seemingly overwhelming approval the idea has received.  Last month the Foundation held an open house with sketches of what the new and renovated area would look like.  Bowyer said the project was well received by the community.  At the meeting today the City Council will be interested in looking at the long-term  maintenance costs of the fountain if it is renovated.