A few closing thoughts on Primary Day and a message for the political amateurs.  My role wasn’t to close the deal for any of the losers.  It’s no secret I’m a Republican and rarely do I endorse a candidate in a GOP primary.  My experience is any endorsement I offer on air and two dollars will get you a cup of coffee.  So here’s a thought:  As a candidate learn to close the deal on your own.  Explain why you can do a better job than the other guy/woman and please tell me why I should change horses in midstream.  In other words, what great offenses has your opponent committed requiring your opponent be fired?

Another point.  My paycheck isn’t signed by Tea Party, Mary Bello or Rick Martin, and.  When you can come up with something better than, “My opponent is a drunken, dog beating, tax-cheating scalawag!” then possibly I might listen.  Otherwise it’s just political farce.

I also don’t like unsolicited and off-topic telephone calls telling me your opponent was mean at a candidate forum.  And how is your opponent supposed to respond?  Did your opponent call you ugly?  Did your opponent pledge to lock all of you in dungeons because you exercised freedom of speech?  Or is it that your opponent didn’t personally club Syrian immigrants over their heads?

There was an opportunity to get a public statement on your only issue but you lost most reasonable people when you demanded County Commissioners be jailed because they wouldn’t join in the clubbing.

Patriots or Anarchists?

Oh, and while I’m not offended by an old Confederate battle flag I try and gauge public reaction when I’m at political rallies.  You claim you speak for the public but then you alienate many of the people you could reach with a calm and reasonable argument.  Because I’m telling you, a great many Americans see that flag and they see white bedsheets and hoods!  I know the finer points of public relations escape many of you but when you say you don’t care about perception does that mean you plan to browbeat people into accepting your position?  Just, pray tell, how constitutional is your approach?  You aren’t patriots.  You aren’t libertarians.  You aren’t constitutionalists. You’re anarchists and hell-bent on offending, intimidating and browbeating anyone who won’t support your cause.

No, when you wake up Wednesday morning many of you will be losers.  And maybe you already were.  And to question someone’s patriotism because they won’t endorse you???  Now you won’t surely even get my vote.
"The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars,
But in ourselves, that we are underlings."  When you look in your mirrors come Wednesday morning a touch of humility will be in order.  You didn’t close the deal.  You being the operative word.  It’s called personal responsibility and it’s a great place to start living anew.

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