Did you get a $5,000 raise this year?  If you do get an increase and you have a family of four, you’ll find yourself behind where you were last year.  It’s because inflation will cost the average family another $5,200 this year.  Business Insider says you should budget for the change.

You’re working a full-time job and you were already paying more for rent or a mortgage because Idaho housing costs were already in record territory.  Overall inflation has been running even higher in Idaho than the national average.  You have monthly car payments, kids in daycare, and a 30-mile drive to work.  Gasoline is $4.50 a gallon.  A bag of apples is nine dollars. Eggs are up 71 percent.  And you’re supposed to budget!  Any credit card debt?  It’s going up with each rate hike.

Liberals recommend taking a bus or walking.  They really like the latter because it combats obesity.  Which shouldn’t be much of an issue as grocery prices keep rising and you stop eating.

Cheer up, you’re getting an increase on your Idaho grocery tax rebate.  Enough to buy a couple of bags of apples!  There’s no reduction in the state’s gas tax and another year has passed where legislators punted on property tax relief.  I already knew liberals didn’t like me and I guess I’m not surprised Idaho Republicans are working to impoverish my family.  After all, sometimes I’m a critic.

Most of the inflation blame originates elsewhere.  In Congress, but you realize we received a lot of fiat currency and people in government decided they wouldn’t send it back.  The argument is that the money will just go elsewhere and we’ll still have inflation and a personal share of the national debt.

Quite the system the government has in place.  Nobody we can blame, nobody we can hold accountable and nobody talking about easing our pain.  And these people want our votes!

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