We don’t have a shortage of places to see the changing of the leaves.  While it isn’t the same as the sugar maple forests of the northeast, I would say Idaho and the Mountain West have a charm all their own.  It’s a different look but in many ways an even better look.  Because we have peaks and valleys they can’t compete with from Maine to Pennsylvania.

You’re looking at Julia Davis Park and the zoo in Boise above.  I took that picture a few years ago on a football weekend.  I was standing next to the Lincoln statue when some nice folks from Seattle stopped and talked.  They retired near Seattle after the husband retired from the federal government.  They had lived in the other Washington before the move.

They just gushed about the beauty they were seeing in Idaho.  The wife told me they wouldn’t mind living in a small town like Boise!  It’s all relative, right?  She explained our largest city wasn’t nearly as noisy as where they came from.  I’m sure Seattle has its own unique sights this time of year, but she has a point.  If you’re leaf peeping, it’s nice if you have some peace and quiet as a companion.

I believe we’re in the middle of the best two weeks on the yearly calendar.  We’re not shoveling snow.  It’s not terribly cold.  The air seems to be easier to breathe than in late July.

I’ve had some recent health scares.  I take this time of year as a gift.

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