This cat gets around.

Kelton Hatch, one time spokesman for Idaho Fish and Game once shared a story about cats.  He told me a study conducted in New York City tracked movements of the animals.  It was discovered some ranged as much as 30 blocks a night.  We’re talking city blocks!  It’s a big territory.If you see him on the move again, please let me know.

I suppose the Cat in the Hat has the same genetic tendency to wander.

The day I first spotted him was over on the northwest side of the city.  West of Washington Street.  It was a day after a garage sale at the same house.  I chalked it up to the cat not selling.

Driving home Monday along Madrona Street, there was the same dang cat.  Or I think it’s the same cat.  Unless there’s an epidemic of Cats in the Hat across the city.  A coworker told me Tuesday he’s spotted other Dr. Seuss characters around town.  I don’t know what’s going on here.  Nope!  Nope!  Nope!

A few years ago you may recall a series of sculptures popped up around Twin Falls.  One based on the contraption from the original Time Machine film.  At another location there was an indigenous warrior pictured on a horse.

The Cat in the Hat isn’t quite as noble.  After all, he’s tied to the street sign at Madrona and Targhee Drive.  At his previous location he was standing in a wagon.  Next I expect to see him in a sandbox (don’t let your kids dig there if it happens!)  If you see him on the move again, please let me know.

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