There are always controversy, speculation, and conspiracy theories with sights and sounds around Mountain Home Air Force Base. The latest involves ominous-looking fireballs falling from the sky.

The odd sky sight was posted to social media by Shelley Cornejo as she was driving along a highway in Idaho. She says ‘they just kept coming out and I’ve never seen anything like it’. Specifics on where she was when she saw the fireballs aren’t clear, just that she was on an Idaho highway. But those familiar with Idaho say she’s near Mountain Home based on the scenery.

Idaho Light Flare Conspiracy Theories

The conspiracy theories about the lights include X-Files *stuff, big freakin Idaho bugs, chemtrails, unicorn poop, and a nice reference to Jurassic World with genetically modified BioSyn locusts.

Idaho Light Flare Scientific Theories

The scientific explanations for the lights and smoke include simply illumination flares from the military at Mountain Home Air Force Base. As to why the illumination flares were used during the day, the opinions were split. One former mortarman commented that the flares were probably close to expiring and it’s easier to burn them than to fill out the paperwork to retire them. Others think it was just practice and that you can see dust clouds on the ground from where the troops are in vehicles doing their training.

Not The First Weird Light Flares Recently In Southern Idaho

In one comment on the Facebook video, Terry Zorich shares a video he recorded last month near Mountain Home. The video looks very similar to the Facebook video except it is happening at night.

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