If Bigfoot is going to be anywhere, you know he is going to be somewhere in Idaho because Idahoans will leave him alone. Plus there is so much open space. Well, a girl stated she saw Bigfoot in Devil's Corral outside Twin Falls and the Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization investigated.

This YouTube video is quite interesting. They explain that this is not the first time they have witnessed Bigfoot in the area and the Snake River is supposedly a big spot for people to see Sasquatch. If you ignore the fact that they mispronounce about a dozen things in the video, you can find it somewhat entertaining.

The video is almost 6 minutes long ending with what appears to be a Bigfoot...footprint? I can't really tell exactly what they are measuring but it's interesting. They think the bigfoot might be interested in the spring for water and swamp. They imply that there is a lot of food for Bigfoot to eat down there like cat tails and such. I don't know what a bigfoot eats so that may be entirely possible. I guess.

I also find it interesting that there is an entire organization dedicated to finding bigfoot in the area. The video was uploaded on October 10th of this year. The person who reported this sighting also said it was not the first time they had encountered one. Back in 2014 this person saw Bigfoot as well.

If you head down to Devil's Corral just keep an eye out I guess.

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