This is a solution in search of a problem.  The federal government is ramping up efforts to intimidate people living in "flyover country".  At taxpayer expense, a new federal schoolmarm is being posted in Idaho.  His role will be to “combat hate” according to a headline at Idaho Capital Sun.

There are people I don’t like.  The Bible instructs me to love everyone.  First, I can love people without having to like them.  There are different words because like and love isn’t synonyms.  If I’m getting it wrong, then the Almighty will take it up with me on Judgment Day.

I’m surprised the government suddenly believes it must do God’s work.  Former President Barack Obama once told a foreign audience that his government was atheist.

Now, if I go out and toss a stick of dynamite through a church window, I know I could face serious charges.  Hate need not be one of them.  Arson, destruction of property, etc.  Those should all suffice to put me behind bars.  Come to think of it, isn’t all crime hateful?  Isn’t this really about giving prosecutors more power to pursue people who haven’t joined the woke mob?

A couple of weeks ago, a Christian pastor was arrested in Pennsylvania.  He was reading aloud from a Bible as a pride parade passed.  The pastor was on a public street.  He was later released and the charges dismissed, but the arrest was to make him think twice about showing up at the next pride event.

The idea is to police your speech.  To cow you into silence.  Welcome to the new Soviet way of life.

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