What’s a Christian perspective on Black Lives Matter?  A better question is possibly what is the biblical view on BLM?  Christian can be defined in many ways and many divergent peoples call themselves Christians.  The Bible isn’t nearly as flexible. 

How does acquiescence to the movement fit into a life led by the Word of God?

Newsradio 1310, KLIX hosts a program once each week called Pastors Round Table.  The last two episodes have dealt with coming to grips with the latest political movement or fad.  The latest installment is captured on the YouTube video below.  It may not be what you expect as many denominations have climbed aboard the BLM train.

How does acquiescence to the movement fit into a life led by the Word of God?

Pastors Andy de Ganahl and Christopher Folkerts broke down the goals of BLM and then contrasted those with the biblical approach.  For example, one supports strong family structures and the other talks of dismantling families.

While some pastors may fear criticizing a movement known for intimidating the opposition, the two joining us for the discussion believe they answer to a higher authority.

Your church may be seeking accommodations.  Which may say a great deal about the commitment of the men (and women in some denominations) in the pulpit.

My opinion is the leaders of any godless trend are more than happy to use anyone willing to appease, however.  Once your usefulness is over, then you’ll be thrown aside.  The pastors suggest we’ve seen all this before.  At the time of the French Revolution.  Click below and listen.  Feel free to share feedback at bill.colley@townsquaremedia.com.

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