Call me benumbed by modern culture.  Just 15 years ago I could talk about traditional values on a radio show and find many people in agreement.  Even politicians.  There weren’t any same-sex marriages in 2004.  Only civil unions and we were told it’s all they wanted.  Then came Democrats running for President who later dropped the marriage opposition.

There are still some churches preaching from the Bible.

The Supreme Court of the United States enshrined same-sex marriage, which I guess is somehow an enumerated constitutional right.  In between the lines?

This week when the Mayor of Twin Falls proclaimed Pride Month there wasn’t much of a ruckus.  He even told me there would be some push back and suggested the same energy would’ve been nice when only 2,700 came out to vote on a firefighting bond.  I can’t argue with him on that point.

The only real surprise is the sound of silence from much of the clergy in the Magic Valley, although.  It’s not total silence.  There are still some churches preaching from the Bible.  We heard opposition today on Pastors Roundtable.  If you missed it, you can listen below:

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