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Christians need work.  Many churches believe work is sanctification.   With most Idaho churches closed and as many Christians are jobless, some churches are calling for action.

Some fear a slow roll out will condemn many to bankruptcy, poverty and a loss of faith.

Governor Brad Little is suggesting a phased opening of the state’s economy and of its institutions.  Some fear a slow roll out will condemn many to bankruptcy, poverty and a loss of faith.

On Friday, the day the phased operation is scheduled to begin, a demonstration is planned outside the Capitol Building in Boise.

Among the speakers scheduled is Paul Thompson.  He pastors Eastside Baptist Church in Twin Falls.

He joined Newsradio 1310, KLIX and explained work is a staple of Christian belief.  Pastor Thompson is also promoting the re-opening of Idaho’s houses of worship as soon as possible.  Men are meant for corporate worship, something many on the left don’t understand or refuse to support.

Keep in mind, Idaho allows some Christian denominations to rely on faith healing, which sometimes ends in death.  Even among small children and, yet.  Faith healing is legal but a virus has forced the closure of nearly every church in the state.  Churches will also be regulated under the phased guidelines.

The event Friday is scheduled for noon.  It will be among a series of demonstrations taking place across the state in the last couple of weeks.  This as people begin to realize the long term shutdown has been catastrophic for the economy and a challenge for the faithful.

You can listen to Pastor Thompson by clicking on the YouTube video below:


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