2020 can already easily be described, in a word, as weird. Not many things this year have been normal, so it's safe to say that the Holiday season is also going to be weird. Probably even more weird than what you see in movies. For Halloween we'll be wearing protective masks over our costume masks. On Thanksgiving, your regular party crowd may be greatly diminished. At least you won't have to fight over who gets the good meat. I can't even imagine what Black Friday is going to look like. First of all, will it still be PC to call it Black Friday? And how in the world are stores going to control crowds? This is a day where in a normal, non-pandemic crazed, year people fight and ignore any personal boundaries or common courtesy. Christmas is also going to be odd. In the weeks leading up to December 25th, will kids be sitting in the lap of a mask-wearing mall Santa? Hopefully Santa doesn't just call it in this year and we get left with nothing. You better start being good now since he's watching. Also, will people still pack the streets of large cities on New Year's Eve?

Another reason the Holidays are going to be weird will be the food. Most of us are accustomed to cooking large holiday meals. Does that mean we are going to have left-overs for weeks? Is trick-or-treat even going to be allowed? So many questions about our future. But not everything is in question: we do know that there will be odd new candy options this year.

Last year, Mt. Dew released a secret Halloween flavor that ended up tasting like candy corn and they are doing a new one this year. Even though it isn't in stores yet, maybe it never will if we don't get enough aluminum cans, people are already speculating that the flavor may be caramel apple.

In Thanksgiving themed candies, and speaking of candy corn, there will be bags of 'Turkey Dinner Candy Corn'. Complete with flavors of turkey, green beans, cranberry sauce, ginger glazed carrot, and stuffing. Some of those sound OK but all together, I'll have to pass. I bet when you open the bag it smells worse than the real foods.

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