So, apparently there is a new dare game that teenagers all over the world are taking part in that is having deadly consequences. I haven't yet heard of any local incidents involving the latest in viral stupidity, so I thought I'd help educate parents in the Magic Valley who are still in the dark about it.

As a parent to two kids--my youngest being two years old--I know how difficult it is at times to prevent our children from getting access to potentially hazardous household items. We expect toddlers (ages 1-2) to attempt to get into things, but what happens when it's our teenagers who are the ones taking huge risks in the name of an Internet fad.

In the past decade, we've seen things like "The Milk Challenge," The Cinnamon Challenge" The Ice & Salt Challenge," and on a more violent note, "The Knockout Game," result in serious injury and even death. The newest dare game is called "The Tide Pod Challenge," and it's the latest Internet pandemic.

In a nutshell, teenagers are daring one another to eat detergent-filled packets, and posting the aftermath online. Ingesting poison is the name of this game, and it could have fatal consequences. Hydrogen Peroxide, Alcohol Ethoxylate, Cyclodextrine and Ethanol are just four of more than a dozen chemicals contained in these pods, according to the product's ingredient list, that are not meant for human consumption.

These games tend to spread like wildfire, so it might be the perfect time to chat with your kids about this latest trending challenge, while it's still in its infancy.




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