An old girlfriend telephoned me last night and mentioned there’s a Martin Luther King Boulevard not far from where she lived as a little girl.

Roosevelt was a scoundrel! His monuments must go.

Then she wondered aloud if the street would be given a new name to satisfy the politically correct.  It’s no secret King was a serial adulterer with a predilection for prostitutes.  A clergyman setting a very poor example when it comes to honoring marriage vows.  Friends of King don’t deny it and FBI surveillance picked up the moans and groans from various hotel and motel rooms.  King wasn’t perfect so all monuments must go and go now!

Franklin Roosevelt presided over locking up tens-of-thousands of his fellow citizens during World War Two.  Their alleged crime was Japanese ancestry.  Roosevelt was a scoundrel!  His monuments must go.  His actions were backed by Earl Warren, later a member of the Supreme Court of the United States.  If Roger Taney is being expunged from history for the Dred Scott decision then all records of Justice Warren must be erased.

Oh, if I had a hammer…

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