Nothing makes me happier in life than to be out in a kayak enjoying nature. Idaho has opened my eyes to some remarkable destinations that offer visitors truly unique landscapes and unparalleled beauty.

Southern Idaho is a kayaker's dream. I've had the good fortune of getting the opportunity to launch my sticker-ridden, nine-and-a-half-foot Swifty DLX into Gem State waters for more than a decade, and I keep coming back to one particular spot 30 miles west of Twin Falls.

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Just south of Buhl is a spectacular region of Idaho that offers great camping, kayaking, hiking, and float tubing. The Salmon Falls Creek Canyon is where you'll find both Balanced Rock and Balanced Rock Park. I've spent several afternoons on the trails throughout the area and in the waters of the creek. The park is one of my favorite places to kayak.

Best place to launch a kayak at Balanced Rock Park ID; Photo by Greg Jannetta

The best place to launch is a small, muddy spot located near the campsites and playground. Be careful though, as it does make for a slippery entry, and one that caused me to roll off my kayak into the water on one occasion.

The rock formations are fascinating, and the birds sing the entire time you are floating. The entire ride takes no more than an hour roundtrip, but I recommend you take your time. There's a small waterfall after a section where the current picks up slightly, but it's still a very calm sail compared to some area creeks. I highly recommend you check out Balanced Rock Park if you haven't yet.

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