Twin Falls didn’t get the nod.   I’m shocked, shocked!  Normally you would believe it would be Boise.  Big party scene, funny colored football field, elites constantly praise the town.  O.K., then how about Moscow?  Pretty place, secluded and dominated by a big university.  Nope, not Moscow.  Pocatello isn’t the place (no slop, Sherlock!).

Drum roll, please?

Rexburg is named Idaho’s best college town.  By

Trust me, there are few beer gardens in Rexburg.

Many of the cities ranked nationally made it because of big bar scenes (Boise would clearly make a strong case on that count).  Trust me, there are few beer gardens in Rexburg.  The place is dominated by the BYU Idaho campus, however.  Work opportunities for students are plentiful and the cost of living is very low.

Rexburg has been rated as the Idaho city with the highest poverty rate but it’s not the whole story.  Student incomes are low or non-existent so the poverty ranking is skewed.  It’s the same explanation for Laramie being ranked Wyoming’s most impoverished city (it’s also ranked as that state’s best college town).

I’ve been to Rexburg.  It was a sunny summer day.  It’s one of the prettiest places in Idaho.  For that reason alone, you would expect it would be given points for aesthetics.

My college town was ranked on one of these lists when I was a student there.  Campus buildings had ivy covered walls and the small town at the top of the hill was surrounded by horse farms and Victorian architecture.  I believe the surroundings do make people better students.  It’s uplifting.

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