Redneck isn't a bad term in Idaho, in fact some may use this list as a guide for their next move. A YouTuber decided to create a "scientific" list of the most redneck towns in Idaho and I can't tell if he nailed it or completely flubbed it.

This YouTuber actually made this list a few years ago so I don't know how I haven't come across it sooner. That being said, he used things like guns, Walmarts that are close by, dollar stores in the area, graduation rate and more to determine which towns were the most redneck.

#10 - Weiser

#9 - Challis

#8 - Preston

#7 - Homedale

#6 - Pierce

#5 - Osburn

#4 - Ponderay (full disclosure he says Lake Pend Oreille wrong in the video)

#3 - Mackay

#2 - Orofino

#1 - Salmon

Take the video for what it is worth, entertainment and humor. To be honest he nailed the fishing and the hunting. All these places are a ton of fun to go fishing, hunting, hiking and being away from people.

I have been to the little town of Salmon and to be honest, I like it there. It is cute, quaint, has some great places to eat, a brewery and lots of water and open land. Not much else an Idahoan can ask for. Maybe it is the most "redneck" but Idahoans are totally ok with that.

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As long as we can keep our guns, our gear and get away from people you can call us whatever you want. We will wear the "redneck" badge of honor proudly.

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