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I’ll wager the number of drag queen performers across Idaho is under 100 people.  The Washington Post has decided to come and save the day for the men who parade as women.  The arbiter of liberal American culture picked up a story reported statewide last week.  The Idaho Family Policy Center is pursuing legislation that would ban drag displays at public venues.

While some of us would clearly support banning public performances using children, pushing the adult queens out of the public eye alarms liberals and even some moderate Republicans.  I guess the moderates depend on the drag vote.


Excuse me, the Washington Post is staffed by people who believe their job is to defend anything that flouts traditional values.  It’s as if mainstream media would like to promote the destruction of our country and our old-fashioned ways!

A libertarian argument says if you don’t like drag shows, then don’t go downtown when a performance is taking place, however.  If your kid wants to go to the park, then why should you be told to stay home until next weekend?

Question for the men dressed as women, and I mean this in all sincerity, what difference does it make if you’re performing for an audience at a private venue versus a public?  Or is your goal to recruit people into your lifestyle?  Especially our increasingly vulnerable children.

All cultures draw boundary lines.  We don’t today legally sacrifice our neighbors to underworld deities.  We especially don’t sacrifice children in the manner of the ancient pagans.  Then one day you look at the changes in America and realize we're devolving and absolutely going the wrong way.

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