It's Christmas week. This means gifts of all kinds will be unwrapped at family gatherings and office parties, and some of these gifts will almost certainly cause the recipient to blush.

Are you attending any white elephant exchanges this week? For those that haven't participated in one before, it's basically a gift exchange where you spend the least amount of money possible for an item you know will not be well received by a single participant. It's much more fun than Christmas morning in my opinion.

Women's Health magazine just released its "45 Best White Elephant Gift Ideas To Impress Your Coworkers And Friends Under $25 in 2021," and some of the ideas are pretty awesome. I prefer to shop at stores that specialize in gag gifts when seeking out a white elephant item. Websites that sell odd novelty gifts are also good sources to scope out.

The worst thing I recall ever receiving at a white elephant party was probably the year I opened up a gift pack of Blue Seduction by Antonio Banderas. We ended up drunkenly wrestling the bottle away from one another for hours in an effort to spray unsuspecting friends and family members on the back of the neck. I can't say I am a big fan of the fragrance, but I do respect Anthony Banderas, the actor.

That brings me to my Christmas question for the Magic Valley. What is the worst white elephant gift you've ever unwrapped in front of a group of people at a Twin Falls gathering? 

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