It's not all potatoes and unicorn hugs in our great state. Honestly I'm surprised that there are any actual 'hate groups' in Idaho at all. Sure, there are angry and hateful people all around us, but these are actual organized groups of hate.

There's a Hate Map online from the Southern Poverty Law Center that shows all 829 hate groups across the United States, where each group is based out of, and what their hate is target at. In Idaho there are 8 groups which isn't a lot but compared to only 2 in Utah, 6 in all of Montana, and only 4 in Nevada it is extremely surprising and disturbing. Why does our state have these groups? There are two groups of Skinheads, a group of Neo-Nazis, Holocaust Denial groups in Couer D'Alene, and even just a group of general hate.

I'll agree that nobody is perfect and we all probably have reasons to be angry towards a neighbor, but organizing into a hateful group is horrible and makes me sad for those targeted by the hate and for those that have that much hate and anger in their hearts. We can do better Idaho.

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