The three top cities are all a short driving distance from Twin Falls.  In order, Nampa, Provo and Boise.  WalletHub reached this conclusion after crunching data on debt management, budgeting and quality of city services.  While Nampa was 48th for services it was far and away first on spending wisely.  Boise came in second on the money management score and Provo was third.

Provo was second in quality of services and Boise placed 4th.  Billings and Missoula in Montana both placed in the top ten overall rankings.

Provo was second in quality of services and Boise placed 4th.

This morning I had an opportunity to speak with Twin Falls Mayor Shawn Barigar.  He suggested a new administration under his counterpart in Nampa was getting the job done.

Provo has an exceptionally low crime rate and Boise has the 5th lowest jobless rate.

With Twin Falls getting a new metropolitan designation we’ll start seeing if the city makes future lists.  I’ve noticed many cities in the Mountain and Intermountain West score well compared to Eastern counterparts and party affiliation isn’t quite as much a factor as elsewhere.  This may prove more of a cultural difference than party control.  And in many cities in our region government is considered non-partisan.

Source: WalletHub

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