It’s not just the city of Twin Falls.  There is a massive spike in automobile break-ins across the Magic Valley.  The Twin Falls County Sheriff’s Office is also responding to a high number of burglaries at homes and in cars and trucks.  Many of the thefts involve firearms.

Friends who’ve spoken with law enforcement say many of the break-ins are related to the drug trade.  Fentanyl has become the drug of choice for many local addicts and they’re looking for cash to feed their addictions.

If banking and credit records end up with a criminal gang outside the country, there’s often very little law enforcement can do.

If not cash, they can also sell a stolen gun to another criminal.

What You Should Know

Money and guns aren’t the only targets.

SGT Julie Donahue with Idaho State Police tells Newsradio 96.1 FM and 1310 KLIX your credit and banking records are also attractive.  Thieves may not even grab your cards.  They’re just looking for the numbers.  If you leave a debit or credit card in the car, a burglar can quickly scan it and get the details.  You may not even notice until your accounts are emptied or maxed out.

During the ski season, Donahue explains, people will often leave car doors unlocked.  However, it allows cold family members to climb in and warm up.  Thieves keep close tables on these areas, many are skilled and can get the records in a matter of seconds after finding they can open a door.

It Can Cause Financial Ruin

Some victims have needed several years to repair finances and credit ratings.  If banking and credit records end up with a criminal gang outside the country, there’s often very little law enforcement can do.

This time of year, these crimes become much more common.

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