You're snowing in Idaho. You're a guy. What do you do? Shovel the snow? Nope. Go inside? Not a chance. Go get a high-caliber weapon and blow something up? Yep.

Have you ever heard of Tannerite? Maybe you remember the guys in Jackpot having some fun with this stuff a few months ago. Here's really all you need to know about Tannerite. It blows up real good. Officially, it's supposed to be used to uproot logs/stumps. But, it can also be used to destroy cars and barns. Oh, and it can come in handy when Idaho guys get bored during a snowstorm which is what happened here.

YouTuber brooks302 is new to the video thing. But, he offers this description of why you need to subscribe to him.

I had to get rid of 20 lbs of tannerite, and my roommate needed to get rid of a printer so we decided to brave a ridiculous snowstorm to bring you this masterpiece. I used my Remington 700 Long Range stainless chambered in 300 WinMag. I have a Burris Veracity 5x25 50 mounted on top. Subscribe, I will be making a lot more videos in the future.

He will be "making a lot more videos in the future". So, if you have something that needs to get blown to kingdom come, look this dude up. He's got some videos to make and even your stuffed animals aren't safe from his aim.

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