New York

Remembering Those We’ve Lost at Christmas
I'm reviving one of my favorite Christmas tales.  Those of us who've lost most of our loved ones are flooded by old memories this time of year.  Here are some of my thoughts: I used to covet my neighbor’s vacations.  Not where they went, but how they planned.
A Dead Terrorist is a Harmless Terrorist (Opinion)
A sure fire way to deal with terrorism is to kill terrorists.  All this claptrap about it breeding more is a spurious argument.  It’s like saying Germany inspired the French Resistance through brutality.  What Resistance?  The numbers of Frenchmen and women violently opposed to the occupation were small...
The Trump Take on Terrorism (Opinion)
We need to get serious about domestic terrorism.  Donald Trump may be just the man for the job.  Today on Top Story, much of the program focused on the latest terrorist attacks in New York, New Jersey and Minnesota.  I noticed I had no telephone calls or emails from whining liberals...
Forecasting Presidential Nominees
The colorful Chairman of the Twin Falls County Republican Party is making some predictions.  Steve Millington is looking beyond the New York State Presidential Primary and forecasting conventions.  He also spent some time with us Tuesday morning talking about the weak opposition in Idaho’s U...

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