So I don't want to come off too mean. I know kids will be kids, especially on Halloween. That being said, I did in fact catch you, the two teenagers who stole my Halloween decorations and then hit my car with whatever stick-like item you were carrying. It is all on my doorbell and yes authorities have been called.

I have a feeling that you two kids are the same two who stole the Halloween decorations from a neighbor down the road. I am not sure why you only wanted the head of our zombie, but it doesn't work without the rest of it.

And I am not sure why you were so angry that we answered the door without candy at 10:45 pm because we were out you decided retaliation was warranted on my decorations and my car but I am not very happy with you two. If I had candy left I would have given it to you even though you weren't dressed up in a costume because it was Halloween after all.

I have a feeling that as teenagers, and on the younger side of teenagers, you probably didn't realize how frustrating it can be to have stuff that you worked for vandalized by someone. I want to give you the benefit of the doubt of kids will be kids. My car has been vandalized so many times at this point it is pointless to fix. If you are reading this, please don't do it to anyone else because you don't know how hard they worked to get what they have no matter how big or small it may seem to you.

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