TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KLIX)- The Twin Falls City Council will consider a new ordinance specifically targeting graffiti. According to the city council agenda there is no ordinance that currently regulates graffiti in the community. In the proposed rules it would make it a misdemeanor with a $100 fine along with court costs.

The rule states that it is  "unlawful for any person to place or put, by any means, any drawing, inscription, figure, symbol, or mark or any type commonly known as graffiti on any public or private property without the permission of the owner of the premises on which the surface is located, or upon any natural surfaces such as rocks or trees, or any other surface whatsoever."

Those responsible for the graffiti will be required to remove it. However, if no one is caught the property owners would be required to removing it.

If the property owner does not comply after notice the city will then be forced to remove the graffiti and bill the property owner. That is if the graffiti can be seen from a public right of way. The city council did not vote on the proposed ordinance Monday night and will continue he discussion after revisions are made.

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