TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KLIX)- On Friday (01/16) the Twin Falls County Sheriffs Office said they had finished the investigation of a 2014 murder suicide. In November authorities were called to a home in Twin Falls County and found Brianna Cox and Leann Schuldies shot to death as well as George Salinas Jr, who is believed to have committed suicide. The sheriffs office released the following timeline of events leading up to the murders and suicide.

10/25/14                                Leann Schuldies and her five children moved out of the home at 2843 East 3500 North.

10/26/14 - 11/05/14             Approximately 650 messages between George Salinas Jr. and Leann Schuldies show Salinas Jr. pleading with Schuldies to come back home to live.  Several of the texts from Salinas Jr. were threatening to both Schuldies and himself.

10/26/14   2:17 am                 Leann Schuldies contacted SIRCOMM requesting a return call from a deputy and stating her boyfriend said he is going to change the locks and not let her and her kids back in the house.  A deputy spoke to Ms. Schuldies by phone.

10/26/14  7:40pm                   Leann Schuldies contacted SIRCOMM stating her boyfriend was destroying the house, and took a sledge hammer to the car windows, and that he had been threatening her by text.  She was not at the house.  Deputies responded to the home and spoke with Mr. Salinas.  Mr. Salinas reported he did break the windows in his own car.  No criminal offense was committed. Ms. Schuldies was encouraged to obtain a civil protection order.

10/27/14 2:57 pm                  Leann Schuldies contacted SIRCOMM stating George Salinas Jr. was threatening to commit suicide.  Deputies responded to the home.  Mr. Salinas was taken into protective custody and transported to St. Luke’s Magic Valley Medical Center Emergency Room where he was evaluated by a medical doctor and a mental health professional.  The mental health professional concluded that Salinas Jr. was not mentally ill, and did not meet the criteria for a mental health hold.  Hospital staff released him from the hospital.  At that time deputies had no legal method of holding Salinas Jr. and they transported him back to his residence.

11/05/14                                 Leann Schuldies met with the victim’s advocate at the Sheriff’s Office and filled out the application for a civil protection order.  The order was granted by a magistrate judge.


11/07/14 8:06 am                  Leann Schuldies contacted SIRCOMM stating George Salinas Jr. briefly got in her car while she was dropping the children off at school.  She advised she then drove to their residence and Salinas Jr.’s vehicle was currently there.  Deputies responded to the residence and served Mr. Salinas the civil protection order.

11/09/14 11:50 am                 George Salinas Jr. contacted SIRCOMM and requested a deputy return his call. A deputy spoke to Mr. Salinas by phone.  Mr. Salinas wanted to return to the home to get more belongings.  The deputy told Mr. Salinas he could not return to the property.  The deputy advised Salinas Jr. that he would be able to address this issue at the upcoming protection order hearing.

11/15/14   7:35 am                Leann Schuldies contacted SIRCOMM stating she was at the home caring for the animals.  She noticed a trailer had been locked up and believed George Salinas Jr. had been on the property during the night.  She reported he was not currently there.  A deputy spoke to Ms. Schuldies by phone.

11/15/14 9:15 am                  Leann Schuldies dropped off her four youngest children at a friend’s house in Twin Falls.  She and her oldest daughter, Brianna Cox, went to the residence at 2843 East 3500 North to continue packing belongings to move out of the residence.

11/15/14 9:25 am                  George Salinas Jr. phoned for a cab to pick him up from Swensen’s market on Washington Street South.  The cab dropped Mr. Salinas off at his residence. Salinas Jr. stated he was picking up his truck and getting belongings from the house.

11/15/14 10:12 am                Sonia Deleon phoned SIRCOMM stating she received a text message from her nephew, George Salinas Jr., that stated “I just killed Leann tell my parents I’m sorry.”

11/15/14 10:15 am                Twin Falls County deputies responded to the scene. The bodies of Leann Schuldies, 38, Brianna Cox, 17, and George Salinas Jr., 36, were found in the home, all dead from shotgun wounds later determined to have been inflicted by George Salinas Jr.

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