It is insane to think that Thanksgiving in less than a week away. For those who have big Thanksgiving turkey plans, do not forget to thaw out those turkeys! The bigger they are the longer it will take for them to thaw in the fridge.

Thawing Turkeys In The Fridge

Depending on how large of a turkey you get will depend on how long it takes to get the turkey thawed in the refrigerator.

Thursday, November 20th, move the turkey to the fridge if you have a huge ones that are over 25 pounds

Friday, November 19th, Move the turkey to the fridge if you have a bird that is 20 to 24 pounds

Saturday, November 20th, if you have a turkey that is 16 to 20 pounds, now is the time to move it to the refrigerator to thaw properly.

Sunday, November 21st if you have a 12 to 16 pound turkey, move it to the fridge

Monday, November 22nd, move anything under 12 pounds to the refrigerator.

If you forget to take out the turkey

Don't worry, Thanksgiving won't be ruined. You can still thaw out the turkey using the cold water method. Make sure the turkey is unopened and the turkey breast side is down. Completely cover the turkey in cold water and change it every 30 minutes. Hypothetically, it should thaw out at a rate of 30 minutes per pound of turkey. So if you have a 20-pound turkey you would have to babysit it and change the water every 30 minutes for 10 hours. Still possible.

I suggest you set a reminder in your phone if you haven't already.

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