Apparently earlier this week a visitor lost their purse over the balcony at Shoshone Falls. It could be seen along the canyon wall so the Twin Falls Fire Department and the Twin Falls Parks and Recreation services save the lost purse.

You can see the photos of the teams repelling down to find the purse and get it back to the, I am sure, incredibly happy visitor who lost it. I can't imagine being on vacation and losing my purse that likely had everything she needed for the rest of her vacation. It is pretty awesome that they were able to repel down there and get it for her.

According to reports, it looks like while the team had repelled down there they also did a little bit of a clean up. There were some other things that had been lost down there fairly recently. Some people said there was a hat and even a credit card that got lost! I would panic and I am so happy that this stuff was retrieved.

I am always super paranoid when I go down to the falls with my phone. I am convinced some how my hands are going to stop working and I am going to drop my phone into the massive depths of the Snake River. Be careful. Thankfully the fire department and parks and recreation was able to save the day.

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