Every high school senior around the area needs to do a senior project. One Twin Falls girl decided to use her senior project to put together a prom just for those with special needs. The event is free and she is also looking for any help anyone wants to give.

Joslynn Ward Getting Everything Set Up For Location And Prices

Joslynn Ward secured the Twin Falls High School on Saturday, February 5th from 6 pm to 9 pm. The event itself is free all you have to do is RSVP and you have tickets to go. RSVP to (208) 421-0904. Right now she has secured tables in the cafeteria of the school where the prom will take place, and if anyone would like to volunteer or help, she would be very grateful

How Is This Prom Going To Be Different Than Other Proms?

Obviously, any person with special needs can attend the school prom. However, some of them are unable to do so due to flashing lights and loud music. This prom will be accommodating for those with sensory issues.

What Made Joslynn Decide To Go With This As Her Senior Project

Joslynn has two brothers with Asperger's and a couple of years ago another senior threw a prom. Joslynn took her brothers and she said that pure joy filled the room and brought out the best feelings. She said that feeling is what inspired her to do this again and bring back that joy.

All ages are welcome.

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