A growing number of residents in Twin Falls are taking to social media to voice displeasure over rising rent prices set forth by private land owners and property management companies.

Fortunately for me, I haven't had to pay rent for an apartment or home in quite a while, but I do personally know several people who have recently been notified of cost increases in Twin Falls. I too know what it's like to live paycheck to paycheck and have this kind of news sprung on me.

I read a very interesting chain recently on an area rants & raves page that dealt with the rising rental costs in the Magic Valley. It's heartbreaking to read about how dire this reality is for many southern Idaho residents, and then you factor in what's happening with world conflict, record-breaking fuel costs, the continued state population boom, and other factors contributing to these price increases.

As most of you know, a 2020 state law made it mandatory for landlords and property management to give proper notice to tenants of planned rental price increases. The reality is, a month is nowhere near enough time for most renters to prepare and adjust to these increases. The overall sentiment I'm seeing from people in the Magic Valley is that prices are going up, and the actual "management" and attention to renter's needs is spiraling downward.

Know that if you are in a situation with your landlord or property management company that you believe is nefarious, there are actions you can take to help your cause.

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