Many of you in Twin Falls by now have seen the disgraceful video circulating throughout the community that shows a Vera C. O'Leary Middle School student being harassed by fellow classmates. Garbage was thrown at the teen, and milk was dumped on the student's guitar as well, all of which was captured on video.

Friday morning (September 24) began for many in the Magic Valley watching a video shot at Vera C. O'Leary Middle School. The footage shows a teenage male being mercilessly taunted by peers on campus. Objects were thrown at this boy, while a dozen or so fellow students stood around and did absolutely nothing about it.

Guppies Hot Rod Grille shared a video Friday morning showing members in the community supporting the bullied student. The teen was presented with a new guitar as well. During the noon hour, I was sent a response from the school's principal, Ace Marcellus.

Greg Jannetta
O'Leary Middle School Principal Ace Marcellus

Principal Marcellus wrote in an email to parents that the incident is being investigated, and called the behavior "unacceptable in our school system." He also said that disciplinary action is a very real possibility. The school is currently working on identifying those who played larger roles in the harassment. Let's just hope the principal backs his words up.

I chose not to pursue getting permission from the individual who recorded the original video showing the harassment, because I will not further compound any embarrassment felt by this teenager. It is my opinion that suspensions should be handed out immediately. This teen who was victimized in the video should also be commended for not responding in a violent manner.

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