Seriously, I need a professional device.  The first photograph is from an old fashioned camera.  I took it along for the Twin Falls fireworks.  After a couple of attempts to capture the show, I realized its speed was far too slow.  The second picture, above, is from my cell phone camera.  The latter is a cheap phone.  A really cheap phone.  I bought it for under 65 dollars at Walmart.  And I’ve dropped it.  A lot.

The camera was a bit more expensive and, yet.  It makes it look like I was peering through a window on a rainy evening.

Some thoughts on the fireworks show that won’t be very popular in some quarters.  In my opinion, the old Christmas in the Nighttime Sky displays were better.  Last year there wasn’t a show the night following Thanksgiving Day.  The pandemic placed the program on haitus last year, which was a shame because it was always a great show.  It made me forget the cold the one year it was only 5 degrees when the first fireworks were shot into the sky.

I live near the College of Southern Idaho and this year my schedule worked well for seeing the Independence Day fireworks.  Some of the fireworks barely cleared the six foot fence in between the show and my seat.  I could look over in the direction of Walmart, where someone was firing off their own personal display and some of what I saw rivaled the municipal program.

Oh, and my neighborhood sounded like a weekend night in Chicago.  I recorded some of the sounds and sent the audio to friends around the country.  The replies tell me a lot of people had the same experience.  After a year and a half of pandemic fear, the American people let down its collective hair.

I did record a few seconds of Sunday night’s finale.  It was fine and all too short.

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