Independence Day

Steamy Pizza & Steamy Pile in Buhl, Idaho
I had almost 100 pictures to sort through after the Buhl Independence Day Parade. This one is getting some serious attention from friends. You understand the guy in the pizza costume has a limited field-of-vision and his dog is his guide. Enough said...
How Patriotic Is Idaho?
As we approach our great nation's 239th birthday, it seems national pride is on the decline. But how patriotic is Idaho? A recent survey revealed how patriotic each state is, and ended up with quite a few surprises.
Twin Falls Annual Fireworks Display at the College of Southern Idaho
Twin Falls is set to hold their annual fireworks display at the College of Southern Idaho on the 4th of July at 10pm. This year promises to be another amazing display that will last approximately 30 minutes but if you want a good seat, get there early. Here are some fireworks watching tips from the Twin Falls Police Department.