TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KLIX) Twin Falls Police are seeking the public's help to identify a new color scheme for their patrol cars. The department provided several mock up images of the popular Ford Explorer with various designs on the side. Citizens can offer their opinion on what design, out of the four provided, they like the best or offer suggestions. For the last several years the Twin Falls Police cars could be seen wearing the typical black and white design with exceptions of several unmarked patrol cars. Three of the designs incorporate the black and white while one abandons it for a blue theme. Officer J.P. O’Donnell says a group of officers suggested a change in design and wanted to see what the public thought. Officer O'Donnell says they are waiting to see what the cost would be for a new vinyl wrap design. He says all the current patrol cars have a vinyl wrap on a solid black paint job and a new design may not cost much more. The wraps are much easier to remove and change than paint. So far, the police department has gotten a good response on the number two choice, the "blue" design. O'Donnell says the police department will be getting a batch of new Explorers early next year and the new design may be incorporated by then. The department is considering changing the current fleet to the new design or leave them the same. O'Donnell says there is even a possibility of wrapping a patrol car with specific designs for Breast Cancer Awareness Month or other special causes. What do you think?

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