Second Amendment Oasis?  Second Amendment Preserve?  Second Amendment Refuge?  These are all synonyms for the word sanctuary, which I’m told is an issue for some Twin Falls City Council members.  Tell that to the hundreds who packed City Hall Commons Thursday night.  I had an opportunity to address the crowd.

I reminded them and anyone else listening that gun owners vote.  At a much, much higher percentage than other demographics. 

It’s a statement and very loud as towns, cities and counties put their support on the record

Crowds are news.  Big crowds are big news.

A reporter asked me before the program how any resolution could possibly make a difference when it’s primarily symbolic.  Because the symbols are falling like dominoes across the state and much of flyover country.  It’s a statement and very loud as towns, cities and counties put their support on the record.  It also matters to gun owners.  They want their representatives to reflect not only their values as well their concerns.

Stand up and be counted is how my coaches phrased it when I was a kid.

The same reporter asked me if I believed the Second Amendment was threatened.  History is filled with a familiar phrase.  “It can’t happen here.”

The enemies of liberty are always at the door.  Check this link.  It’s done incrementally and every time you take a step back the wolf takes a step forward.  And if you haven’t noticed, the past 11 months have been a tutorial in how government now believes it can cancel your God given rights.  The template is in place and it could be far worse if you no longer could defend yourself.  Expect a majority vote from the council within a few weeks.


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