TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) — A number of Twin Falls residents woke up Wednesday to vandalized cars in their driveways. KMVT spoke to some who found cinder blocks near their vehicles with broken windows and dented sheet metal. According to the twin Falls Police Department, they have received between 20 and 25 reports of damage to cars all over the city, but mostly in the area of the presidential streets. "We think that they’re driving around in a car because some of the aim where the rocks are hitting, aren’t going directly into the windows," said Officer Nate Egan. "They’re hitting the sides of cars as well." The police department is taking reports on all of the incidents they know about, and have received some video from victims. With Christmas right around the corner, some victims say they weren’t expecting to pay for a damaged car. Police encourage any victims who haven't yet, to call and report any damages, so they can charge the vandals for all damage done.

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