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The signs are universal.  If you go to a foreign country and see a red octagon, it means stop.  In France, it reads ARRET.  ALTO in Mexico and ARRESTO in Italy.  All mean STOP!  Local law enforcement explains more and more people are simply rolling through intersections and ignoring the signs.  Some drivers never even tap the brakes.

The Twin Falls County Sheriff’s Office put together the above video from only a handful of locations.  Most of the offenders weren’t even aware someone was taking pictures a short distance away.  If you don’t see the deputies, then it’s possible you’re not going to see some other drivers.  If you read the statement from the Sheriff’s Office, it explains you may not see motorcyclists.  Perhaps not even people on bicycles.

You will also read that accident rates are much higher near intersections than on open stretches of highways.

Some of the excuses people are making are plainly absurd or an admission they simply don’t care.

One of my coworkers says that so far this week he’s witnessed half a dozen close calls as he drives to and from the office.  One afternoon I was driving south on Kimberly Road in my lane and within the speed limit.  I was forced to take action twice between Locust Street and Eastland Drive.  Otherwise, my car would be undergoing some repairs right now.

There was a fellow in California who was sentenced to a lengthy prison term, even though he was in his late 70s.  This was 25 years ago.  He had been in an accident and ran over and killed a baby in a stroller.  When he begged the judge for leniency, the man in the black robe told the guilty old goat that he showed a “depraved indifference to human life”.  I hope it’s not an epidemic.

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