You've probably seen it sweeping your Facebook or Instagram Feed. The "Ten Year Aging Challenge." With all of the buzz, we decided to see what has changed in Twin Falls over the past 7-10 years. Thanks to Google Maps and a small road trip around Twin Falls, it was pretty easy to do!

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    Stores near Fillmore Road

    Since 2009 the area off of Highway 93 and Fillmore Road has seen a huge change. It went from a barren area to a place where hundreds of people shop in a week. Thanks to the addition to the city, Twin Falls now knows how to use a roundabout (hopefully). Now people can shop at Petco, Dick's Sporting Goods, Ross, Ulta, and Bed Bath and Beyond. But if you ask the locals who have been here a while--some people are still a little upset Kohl's chose to take a different route and not come to the city.

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    Grand-Vu Drive In Theater

    Where people once came to watch movies on the weekends looked bleak for a few years. Now it looks like store fronts are taking place and soon enough more businesses might be coming to Twin Falls.

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    Pole Line Road Development

    Part of the city that has really seen growth is Pole Line Road. In just six years we've seen numerous restaurants go up in the area. This has brought things like Culver's (any Midwestern transplant's favorite), and places like Popeye's.

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    Unfortunately we couldn't find a photo of the pre-Walmart days in Twin Falls, but it was a big deal when the store opened in June 2009. Since then they've even added their own gas station.

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    Clif Bar Factory

    With all the hiking there is to do in Idaho, it's no surprise Clif Bar decided to make Twin Falls one of their Clif Bar Baking Company locations. Personally--I can always go for the ones with mint chocolate and caffeine in them.

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    Glanbia's 4th Avenue Location

    The empty space on the corner of 4th Avenue in Old Towne got a new look once Glanbia built a new building and made it their Cheese Innovation Center and corporate offices back in 2013.

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    Olive Garden

    After waiting what seemed like FOREVER, Olive Garden FINALLY opened this week. It may have killed some green space, but judging by all the cars on opening night, it definitely is keeping bellies full.

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    Amalgamated Sugar Company

    While the two photos look similar...okay, we don't have a big change here. It appears sugar beets are here to stay for as long as it takes to get through the next pile. Judging by the amount of trucks we saw while taking the 2019 photo this week there won't be a shortage of work--or sugar beets here any time soon.