The Twin Falls area is in the running as a possible location for a production plan to produce yogurt.  The Times News reports today that officials for  Chobani, a New York-based manufacturer of Greek yogurt, have visited Twin Falls looking for a possible location to build a production facility close to the west coast. 


A company spokesman told the Times News that they have spoken with the officials in Twin Falls but they also said that several locations around the west are also under consideration and no decision has been made.  One of other sites being considered is Carson City, Nevada.  City officials there say the company indicated it would start with hiring around 500 workers and after the plant is up  to full production they could be looking for as many as 1500 workers.  Officials say the construction of the plant would not only be a big boost for jobs in the area but it could also be a boon for the dairy economy.  One of the company’s plants in New York uses an estimated 25-million pounds of milk each week providing an economic impact of about $300-million dollar annually to the local economy.

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