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Idaho is to minerals what Saudi Arabia is to oil.  That’s one takeaway I have from s story I found linked at RealClearEnergy.  Get down to paragraph four and you’ll see the local interest.  Lemhi Pass is a miner’s dream.  His/her equivalent of hitting six numbers in the lottery.

The main story is about the Biden Administration looking to ramp up the production of semiconductors domestically.  Right now, much of the world relies on Taiwan for tiny devices.  If the Chinese carry out old threats to invade Taiwan, there’s going to be an immediate shortage of semiconductors.  Which would greatly hamper the United States if it intends to liberate the island.

The story from RealClearEnergy also explains the minerals the United States needs to build its own semiconductors generally come from China.

What’s the point of the Biden announcement if we actually aren’t going to mine in our own country?  To appease the left without actually making any changes.  The President can skate for the time being, but his bluff comes to an end with Chinese hostilities.

Or he could actually get serious and get mining underway at Lemhi Pass.  Ignore the lawsuits from the same left that demands we save the planet from climate change (the hypocrisy is brazen), declare an emergency, and order mining to commence.  Times wasting!

This would also give a large shot of adrenaline into the arms of Idaho’s economy.  Our congressional delegation and our Governor need to start amplifying what’s at stake.  For national security and for their constituents.

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