Last week the Twin Falls Animal Shelter was asking for help with a dog that had been shot in the face and brought to the shelter for help. The dog's owner gave me a call yesterday and gave me an update.

According to the owner, she had two dogs go missing Thursday morning. Liz, the owner, went and searched for them. The dogs weren't gone long when both of her dogs ended up getting shot. Liz had two dogs go missing, only one of them made it to the Twin Falls Animal Shelter. Unfortunately, the second one was killed.

We aren't sure who shot the dogs or why. Liz was incredibly upset understandably so. The dogs were found on her neighbors property and she doesn't believe her neighbor would have hurt the dogs since they were helping her through the entire endeavor.

The dog that was killed was a German Shepherd mix and the dog that made it to the Animal Shelter is a Great Pyrenees.The German Shepherd mix was named Moxie and she was about 5 years old. The Great Pyrenees is named Amara and she isn't even a year old yet. The owner said both of her dogs were gently giants that don't go after livestock or show any signs of aggression.

Fortunately it looks like Amara is going to make a full recovery. She is home with Liz who is taking great care of her. Amara is even trying to play and is in good spirits. It doesn't look like she will lose an eye despite being shot in the head.

Liz called me distraught yesterday to let us know her side of the story. The dogs went missing for only a few hours and she is heartbroken only one of them came back. If anyone has any information about this incident please contact the Twin Falls Animal Shelter or the police.

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