I have not yet gotten the chance to check out the newest twist on a popular Shoshone Falls attraction that has sold out seating on multiple occasions over the past couple years. Several videos from those in attendance have been shared to sites such as YouTube.

If you've had the opportunity to see this year's Shoshone Falls After Dark show, you are one of the lucky ones. I've been watching a number of YouTube videos from area residents that have recorded portions of the evening's highlights, and it appears I'm missing out. The weather has also been cloudy a lot, and has kept me from getting tickets.

If you haven't gone and would like to, they are continuing the shows through May 31, 2021. The video I recently came across was uploaded yesterday (Wednesday), and is two-minutes long. It reminds me of something Anaheim's Disneyland Hotel used to do years ago called "Dancing Waters," but on a much larger scale. The combination of flowing water, lasers and colored lights at the Shoshone Falls is impressive.

This 2021 event is sort of a spin-off from the Shoshone Falls Lights & Laser Show from year's past. A friend of mine went last week, and said it was a really good time. I hope to get the opportunity to take it in before the final evening on Memorial Day. Snacks and drinks will be available from area food vendors.

Have fun if you get the chance to go, and please share your videos with us.

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