A southern Idaho tourism business recently shared a video that shows graffiti damage to a highly popular area of the Snake River Canyon that offers stunning views of area waterfalls and landscape. Once again, the individual(s) responsible for the act managed to commit the crime without any witnesses.

There aren't too many things that bother me more than witnessing the aftermath of the combination of profound stupidity and a can of spray paint. The fine folks at Visit Southern Idaho sadly posted a recent video showing yet another despicable act of graffiti that has blemished the beautiful Snake River Canyon. You might recall last year there were multiple crimes against our natural landscape perpetrated in the same general area.

Does an increase in evening police patrolling of the canyon need to happen in order to catch the people responsible? Maybe we need to create a team of volunteers that will take turns with flashlights walking the trails nearby. And I wish I could call these indviiduals who commit these crimes what I really want to, but I'll have to settle for "people."

The year 2020 saw an increase of these types of crimes in the area. From Twin Falls to the City of Rocks, and throughout southern Utah, last year these criminals had their way at area parks and popular tourist destinations. It's time we start catching these morons and holding them accountable.

For those not familiar with the Pillar Falls area of the canyon, a YouTube video from 2018 shows just how beautiful the spot really is.

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