Lefty and his media allies can call it a mostly peaceful protest.  The owners of Old State Saloon in Eagle have received threats, and some moral degenerates are pining for someone to burn the place down.  Lefty doesn’t get what he wants, Lefty resorts to arson!  These people on the wacko left somehow believe a tongue-in-cheek marketing promotion requires a violent answer.  The saloon is promoting Heterosexual Awareness Month.

Where’s mainstream media on this story?

When a group of clowns were pulled out of a moving van in Coeur d’Alene a couple of summers ago, newsroom liberals spent months denouncing Christians, Republicans, and people of traditional values.  None of whom to my knowledge planned or endorsed the fool’s errand.

Now you’ve got their fellow travelers playing with matches and the response is crickets!

What must gall the lefties the most is the response to the tavern’s promotion.  Business is booming.  People are coming from hundreds of miles away to do business at the joint.

Meanwhile, some vendors are refusing to sell products to Old State Saloon.  Can we get a list so that the overwhelming number of Idahoans who support the place can then in turn boycott the woke mob?  What’s good for the goose…

I’m fed up with the bullies in newsrooms, the Democrat Party, and the godless.

We’ve stood by for far too long and been told we need to be punching bags.  As Allen West once said, We need to take Rules for Radicals and turn it on its head and use it against them.  Though, I don’t recommend fighting fire with fire.  Not in a literal sense.  That’s where we differ from the frothing left.

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