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You better get out the mud boots.  Idaho Fish and Game warns Centennial Marsh is still very wet.  There was a lot of snow in the hills and mountains of Camas County.  The runoff has been impressive.  Navigating the marsh could be a challenge if you’re driving a vehicle with low clearance.

Thousands of people go there every spring to see the lilies in bloom.  The good news, is you haven’t missed them.  They’re still on the way.  On the other hand, there are a lot of migratory birds currently doing take-offs and landings at the marsh.

Agency spokesman, Terry Thompson, says there is one concern beyond the mud and soggy ground.  Photographers often like to get down on their bellies to get the best pictures of the blooms with the mountains as background.  That wouldn’t be a problem with a dozen photographers, but when those hundreds or thousands look for the same shot, they crush a lot of the native flora.

I’ve struggled to time my visits to the marsh.  One year I was too late.  Another year I was too early.  Then a year came when I had a sunny and warm day and the marsh was simply breathtaking.

One caution from my observations.  If you plan on using the picnic ground, bring a tablecloth.  Thousands of passing birds leave oodles of droppings.  Table tops included!

The variety of birds is impressive.  You can stand alone and listen and hear a symphony.  I’ve recorded the songs in the past.  Someday I’ll find an expert to sort out all the members of the chorus.

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