Idaho moose encounters are not just possible, but likely if you go outdoors with any regularity. One Idaho guy was surprised to find himself face-to-face (or would that be face-to-muzzle?) with a mammoth moose recently.

This was just shared on YouTube and there's no backstory given or really necessary. You can tell that the guy is completely caught by surprise by his huge visitors. NOTE: there's a little NSFW language near the end, but who can blame the guy? He came THIS close to potential injury or death.

It's worth mentioning again how fortunate this guy was. If a moose gets this close to you, there is great potential for you to get expired. The Emergency Essentials website has some great ways to tell if you're about to get attacked by Bullwinkle. That includes if the moose rears its head back and/or stops eating and notices you.

Moose are part of what make the Idaho backcountry so special. But, if given the option, don't let them get this close to you.

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