After a man and woman attempted to rob a sandwich shop on Tuesday in Payson, Utah, police found the man hiding in a corral full of manure at a barn near the town of Mona.

Joshua Carl Campbell and Jessica Lynn Savory tried to rob the sandwich shop through the drive-through window. Employees refused to give them money and the suspects fled the scene.

Police located the suspects at a barn. Savory surrendered to police, while Campbell hid in manure.

It was a crappy thing to do, but the daring duo got their dues: both were taken into custody.

"As Savory was booked into jail," reads a report by, "court documents show she told officers they could have been on 'America's Dumbest Criminals' because they didn't even get a dollar."


Another person was behind bars for a short time on Monday in Illinois, but the teenage girl’s imprisonment was of her own doing – literally.

Two friends decided to go on an adventure at Joilet Correctional Center outside of Chicago, which has been closed since 2002, by trespassing through a hole in a fence.

While at the facility one of the girls accidentally locked herself in a cell, according to a report by The Herald-News.

The girl’s friend left for help, leaving the imprisoned female to do a little solitary confinement. When firefighters arrived at the scene they released the girl by breaking into the cell through a brick wall.


If you like the idea of solitary confinement, you might want to apply for the following job.

Municipal and Roman Catholic church officials in the Austrian town of Saalfelden are looking for a hermit.

That’s right, a hermit.

They want someone to live in the hermitage that, according to the Associated Press, is “built into steep cliffs characteristic of the Salzburg region."

Candidates better have their bank account padded or have a second job, however, because there’s no paycheck attached to this one.

“And because it's unheated and without running water, the hermitage is inhabitable only between April and November,” the AP reports.

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