A bizarre kidnapping case that started out as a home invasion earlier this month in Wendell has taken  another twist. 33 year old Ramon Enrique Lizarraga-Felix came back home to his family on Monday. The man was taken after four men broke into the family's home two weeks ago. Ramon's son told Idaho's news channel 7 that they took his dad because they say he owed them money.  The Gooding County Sheriff's Office says his Ramon's family paid a ransom to his abductors. Enrique's children told reporters  yesterday they are happy to have their father back and he is doing well. Enrique tells police he was blindfolded and tied at the wrists and ankles and put in a dark room during his captivity. investigators say the case has been a challenge for them, because those involved are being very tight lipped with police. They do not believe this was a random act, and also believe Enrique and his captors knew each other.