What could happen if the government shuts down Friday?   It would  have a big impact on many of  Idaho’s  military families. Federal agencies started preparing Wednesday for a government shutdown that would begin at midnight on Friday.  If someone either works for the federal government, or has a family member that does, there's a good chance that if lawmakers can't get a deal together by the end of the week, they won't be going to work or getting paid starting Saturday.  Military personnel serving overseas would  work, but paychecks would be delayed, although a bill was introduced to keep military paychecks coming. That bill has not yet passed.  There are also many services that would completely shut down.  Tax refunds will stop being processed, the Federal Housing Administration would shut down, and national parks would close.  Services that would continue include the Postal Service and Social Security checks. Essentially those areas that relate to safety of life or protection of property, including law enforcement, would stay open. So would VA facilities. Everything else that doesn't have another funding source will close.